C++ Program/Code to print table form 1-10;

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//In this program, there will be a generation of Multiplication Tables from 1 to 10

#include<iostream.h>                   //For Input/Output Stream Related Functions
#include<conio.h>                         //For Console Input/Output function like clrscr & getche

void main()
clrscr();                                           //For Clearing the screen
int i,j;

for(i=1;i<=10;i++)                         //Counting From 1 to 10
for(j=1;j<=10;j++)                        //Counting From 1 to 10
cout<<i*j<<"\t" ;                         //Generating Table Elements
cout<<endl;                                  //For Next Table in New Line

getche();                                        //For exiting the program, after a keystroke